MBA – Finance and Banking (2010), CPA (T) (2005)

AMINA has extensive experience of 34 years of internal audit while working with the Institute of Social Work (ISW), President’s Office, Public Servants’ Management and Good Governance and Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA). Under internal audit she has gathered enough experience in Strategic Plans implementation and Policies preparation and oversee comprehensive execution of Annual Audit Plan, risk assessment and evaluation of system of internal control and provide assurance to the Director General and Audit Committee of the Board on the adequacy of the internal controls structure of TPA and effectiveness in Management of risks. In September 2017 she was transferred to the President’s Office Public Servants’ Management and Good Governance. She was awarded a Letter of appreciation for Good Performance, signed by the Chairman of Audit and Finance Committee of the Board of Directors in November 2017 following the transfer from TPA.
Currently, she works as Chief Internal Auditor at the Institute of Social Work (ISW) with effect from March 2018, where she participates in Preparation of Institute’s Strategic Plan, Risk Frame work and Risk Register, Quality assurance Policy. She is also a member of Quality assurance Committee of the Institute.