MBA Finance (2010), BA Hons (2004), UDSM CGIA-USA (2020), CIMA-UK (2021), CVI-USA (2022) Les Aspin Fellow, Good Governance, USA

SALUM is an Advisor, Investment Banker, Public Speaker, Author, Investor and Entrepreneur. He is the CEO of SSC Capital; SSC capital is a corporate advisory and investment banking firm. Salum has advised and been involved in projects worth more than $300m over the past 10 years, serving the government, corporate, local & international investors, SMEs, startups, development partners, local & international NGOs. Salum is also the founder of Shirkah Invest (Fintech), Jabalnur Finance, SSC Academy, EA Export Fund, Deal Me, Diaspora Invest, and Mbadala Impact Fund. He is the Ex-Board Member of UN Global Compact (TZ Chapter), Investor Readiness Board by Anza & Village Capital, Thaqaafa High school, NICE, Best Dialogue Grants award committee, Shule Direct, Esnan Dental clinic, and Program committee member of TPSF Board. He is also the member of National Entrepreneurship Development Committee. Salum is the author of 3 books namely “Dare or Die”, The Courage to Pursue your Dream”, “Smart-up your Start-up”, and Where is the Money? Salum is a global citizen operating in Tanzania, Rwanda, and Dubai.